Established in 1989, tmg-emedia is an experienced and visionary technology consulting firm with a proven formula for success: 

We integrate strategy, technology, innovation and best practices to deliver actionable
real-time results through our three core practice areas:


tmg-emedia core practice areas

We are proud of our long history:  We were there when the first pesonal computers came to market.  We were there at the birth of the Internet (we can even say we wrote the book on it!)  We survived the dot-com boom and bust.  We were among the first to architect and run local and wide area networks, server farms, big-data infrastructures, new processes, new business models, products and applications.  And, we were one of the first to speak and act on cyber security and the threat to identity, intellectual property and data. 

Today, we continue to architect and deliver real solutions to real business problems. 

Our approach is as unique as our DNA:  Unlike traditional "consultants" our rigorous scientific training coupled with over a quarter century of real-life business problem solving allows us to cut through the clutter, skip the endless theorizing, and focus on innovative actionable results. 

Let us show you how we can contribute to your success with:

Strategic Technology Consulting Project & Program Management
Cyber Security & Disaster Recovery Innovation
Business Transformation Business Intelligence
Change Management Business Value Creation


Putting you first is at the core of our philosophy, one we live into every single day.
We believe that the only path to success is the result of partnership, integrity and true engagement.